Saturday, June 24, 2017

Wait...Digital Task Cards That Check Themselves? Boom!

Holy cow, I'm in love.

I've been diving into getting my math stuff ready and into Google Forms, Drive, and Classcraft and creating menus in order to up my differentiation game. I was tooling around on Pinterest and noticed a definite uptick in pins about using digital task cards. I was curious. (You know, because I really need more stuff to manage right now. *Insert eye roll*) But then...


I clicked through a blogpost and found On it I found not just digital task cards, but a system that monitors my kids' progress for me and rewards them for their work. For free.

I've been looking for a replacement for IXL. One can only bootleg so many free trials before someone catches on. I do pay for a teacher Quizlet account and like it, but I need something that gives me a little more specific feedback on who gets what and who doesn't. Boom Cards can do that.

We're 1:1 in my district, but if we weren't, the Boom Cards work on the interactive whiteboard as well as on things with iOS and Android systems (for you with BYOD). Like I said, there's a free option, but the paid versions are very reasonably priced. With multiple classes, I can create a classroom for each of my math teams (and reading group, if I get that ambitious) that allows me to differentiate. Woo-hoo!

A teacher can find Boom Cards on TpT and in the store that's part of Boomlearning. I played with some freebies and found others that were cheaper than what I'd pay for a set of printable cards (which would have to be printed on cardstock and laminated). There aren't a ton of sellers yet, but more are sure to come. Even the free version gives you access to the studio that lets you make Boom cards of your own.
Update: I gave the studio at try! Click the card to try a preview!

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