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Hey, there! I'm Lizzie, the face behind The Big Kids' Hall. I've been teaching on that hall for more than 20 years, and I love my life there. I'm glad you've arrived! I love to share my passion for making my classroom the best it can be. 

I've taught in all kinds of settings: lots of regular ed. in fourth and fifth grades and middle school language arts, including Title I, a Project-Based charter, and an IBMYP. I'm even Montessori-trained (AMS). My favorite gig by far, though, is my current one! I teach reading and math in a pull-out program for fourth and fifth graders. Keeping those busy minds growing is a challenge I adore.

My kids are bright, funny, energetic, and quirky! Reading is cool, math is awesome, and science is out of this world! Throw in some good geeky fun and a unique take on the universe, and we're in for some serious shenanigans!
Teaching a tough job! I've been around the block a time or two (or three) and worked through the issues most young teachers face. Sharing the expertise I've gained, often the hard way, lets me give back... and maybe it will save you a headache (or heartache.)
I'm not just a teacher, I'm a wife and mom, too! Juggling it all is no easy task, even when you've got a pretty amazing kid of your own. 
This big ol' Bug is a Senior this year, which means we'll be on the Great College/Conservatory hunt! He'd like to study voice performance, or political science, maybe both. We'll see. 

I meet my responsibilities with the Midwestern practicality with which I was raised - I'm originally from rural northeast Ohio - and the Southern flair I picked up from my long-ago adopted home, North Carolina. 
I've been creating resources for my classroom almost as long as I've been teaching! In the spring of 2015, I finally decided to open my TpT store. I don't have a ton of items, but that's because I want to be sure that what I do offer is of the quality a thinking teacher's classroom deserves. 


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