Sunday, September 20, 2015

Football Freebie Frenzy!

It was a rough day yesterday in my football world. UNC-Charlotte, my undergrad alma mater, joined the D1 teams last week and got whupped. This week, they got slaughtered. Poor 49ers; it's going to be a bag-your-face kind of season.

My grad school, Duke, lost, too, though not nearly so badly, and let's face it, nobody expects Duke football to be good. We Blue Devils are OK with that. Winter is coming.... and we own it.

That leaves the Panthers. With no Luke Kuechly. (A wise decision - he's a very young man. I'm all about hitting hard. It's football, for crying out loud, but I'm glad to see the league taking head injuries seriously and allowing players time to heal.) His absence will be felt, and I hope not too badly. Maybe it'll be a good week and the receivers will actually receive. It could happen...

Oh, and the Houston Texans will be in town, and their star lineback, a particular Mr.Clowney, is from about 20 minutes southeast of here. We remember him as a high school player and as a Gamecock, so we'll enjoy watching him play today.

So, just for today, since it's been a mixed bag this weekend, I'm offering a place value scavenger hunt, perfect for fifth graders and your bright fourths, at half price. If the Panthers win, it'll be free for the rest of the day. (I teach at an early start school, so that'll be about 8:30 EST, unless I get busy and forget, in which case it'll be until I suddenly remember tomorrow...) Makes an excellent print-and-go center or whole-class activity. To find it, click on the pic:

Hopefully, this weekend won't be a wash. May your team play well and score big, unless, of course, you pull for Houston. ;)

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  1. Looked great!!! I missed it as I am on the West Coast, but love your passion for football I am right there with you in terms of hitting hard, but I also agree the players, at all ages, need to be better protected! I had a brain aneurism last November and I know for a fact recovering from any brain injury is difficult!! Good luck to your teams. So far my Vols and Broncos are making me smile!