Friday, June 17, 2016

Poetry Web Freebie

It's the off-season! I spend a lot of the first few weeks of summer retooling the units I thought could be better. I did a lot with math last year, and it's time for my reading units to get a makeover.

As a gifted-ed teacher, I do a lot of work with concepts. Our county uses two of the William and Mary units, and as a whole, I like them. One thing I haven't liked, though, is that the literature webs that come with the units aren't differentiated from prose to poetry, and that leaves out a lot of the whole point of poetry. So I made one of my own.
Click on the image to snag a copy!
I gave a good bit of the page to space for drawing the central image, because poetry is supposed to create pictures in our minds with few words. I also added space for identifying sound devices.
What gave me fits was adding the little connecting lines in Photoshop since the boxes are so tight, and I'll either ignore them or grab a Sharpie before I run copies on the Riso. 

I hope you find this helpful.
Wishing you a productive off-season!
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