Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Woo-Hoo! The Notice and Note Signposts for Nonfiction Are Officially a Thing!

Yes, it's sad what gets me all excited, but this one's worth it.

Year before last, I found the Notice and Note Signposts:Strategies for Close Reading while looking for a way to add to my bag of reading strategies, especially since I teach kids for two years. It's absolutely awesome! It helps kids see, very clearly, what makes an event, idea, or even a phrase in a piece of text important. That's not an easy skill to teach, but it's one that's way valuable to our students. Seriously, it's worth every penny.

So, when I found out that a version for Nonfiction reading was in the works, I made sure that Amazon would be sending me one on release day. And then life happened.

I skimmed it, but didn't take time to actually read it until this week. Yes, it's as useful as the first, and it isn't just an echo or a redux. The authors have given us a new and unique set of signposts (One is repeated from the original, but with a different take that fits nonfiction.) that will help kids question the text and understand what's important and why.

When it came time to use the original book in my classroom, I created a set of interactive notebook pages to make it easy for my kids to keep the information close all year. I put together a set for the nonfiction signposts, too.

Pin them so you can find them later!

Oh... here's a link to some free, beautiful, colorful bookmarks for the Fiction Signposts I printed for my kids this year. Found these at
Ladybug's Teacher Files Blog

Have fun getting to know the signposts!

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